Daily Mindset

“I would rather die of passion than boredom.” - Vincent Van Gogh

Certain times will challenge us. Certain times will leave doubts. Certain times will leave us beat up, worn out, exhausted. Sometimes to the point where we question the choices we’ve made. But truly… how awful would life be without them?

Uncertainty is pure gold. It’s what makes us feel alive, and it’s what memories are made of. No one remembers the lazy Sunday at home. They remember their first date. The first time they went on a roller coaster. The first time they walked into a CrossFit gym.

If everything was known, expected and pre-determined, life would be so horribly boring. It wouldn’t be a life at all. With only one of these, let’s welcome it, and make memories we’re proud of. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

How did I get here?? A transformation journey!

My name is Starr and this is how I finally got into the best shape of my life.

4 years ago I was 195lbs. How did I get that way?

Some of it was laziness but it was mostly because I had some serious issues with my hip that made it almost impossible to just walk down the street.

I had surgery, and after 6 months of rehab I was finally 75% pain free. I started walking and going to the gym, using the machines and I changed my diet drastically. All this helped me go down to 145 lbs. I couldn’t seem to get any lower than that and on top of that the gym routine was getting boring. I felt unmotivated by my lack of progress so I stopped going.

For almost a year I never lost any more weight but I didn’t gain it back either. I was just stuck. My friend Ron started telling me I should do CrossFit, which I immediately said no to. The thought of it was very intimidating to me.

He was super persistent so I finally gave in and went. I was hooked after just one class. My first week I went 4 times and stayed going consistently for 2 months then I started going 5 days. I didn’t see results right away but I was feeling great after each workout.

It was hard not to be bummed that getting some of the movements down was difficult for me because of my hip. All the coaches were so great and encouraging, same with all the members. They all made me feel welcome and pushed me to keep going.

After a few months I started getting the hang of things and I also started seeing some changes in my body. I was getting stronger, my endurance was better and my body started to lean out. Now I’ve been going to CrossFit Silicon Valley for 8 months and my body is drastically different. I am now down to 128 lbs.

Which is not a weight I ever thought I’d be at again. I don’t even recognize myself sometimes. Joining CrossFit SV was definitely the best thing I’ve done for myself. I’ve never felt or looked better. I am so thankful to Ron for making me go in the first place and the coaches, Judd, Michaela, Ryan, Tye, and Jason for helping and encouraging me to keep going.

Thanks to all the awesome members as well for pushing me and giving me tips along the way. This place is like family to me and I’m forever thankful. My journey is still going, I have new fitness goals to meet and I can’t wait to reach them with my CrossFit SV family!

Starr Lugo



During the journey

During the journey




Kicking off the summer season by paying our respects to those who gave their all and participating in the “Murph” challenge, I was so very happy to so many of our community participating.

Judd, Michaela and I are always talking about our community, and how we can focus on building a strong, thriving community. I fully believe that it’s organic. It starts from the moment a member(new or long time) walks through the front door. It’s greeting you by name and having a conversation. A simple gesture goes a long way. That greeting could mean the world to someone that’s had a terrible day, or going through some personal challenge. Think about the days you’ve struggled and how a simple act of kindness or acknowledgement helped you get through it.

Our community will continue to grow, evolve and change throughout the days, weeks, months and years. Be open to being a part of that process. Think of ways you can help foster the sense of community within our box, but more importantly..in life. We appreciate each and everyone of you and look forward to continually building a vibrant, thriving, caring, supportive CrossFit Silicon Valley community.

Mahalo and a hui hou


Murph 2.jpg

"imi ola"- To Seek Life


“imi ola” in Hawaiian means “To Seek Life”.

This morning I took a moment just to reflect on the journey leading up to our pending “grand opening”.

The 4 months of working out at the pop up location showed me how resilient, how dedicated, and how patient our community is.

My journey to CrossFit is not much different than most of you. I was seeking something that could challenge me and push me to uncover the best version of myself. Take a moment to think about what really brought you to CrossFit.

Often times Judd, Michaela and I are looking at the box and how we can make it better, how can we improve our communities experience, and more importantly how do we grow our community. I sit here this morning and think about what made me come back after my first WOD. It was the people in the 6am class. The first person I met was Abraham, and he pushed and encouraged me from that first 6am class and continues to do so. Although our 6am breakfast club group is different and growing again I still fondly remember that first 6am class.

Take a moment to think about our day to day actions. Are you just going through the motions? Can you honestly say you’re striving to build the better version of yourself…mentally, emotionally, and physically? Can you change your lens and become “Imi ola”? We believe you can.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Coach Ron