We did it!

I'm here at the box on a Monday night half past midnight running on adrenaline.  I just got our internet to work here at the new box.  Lately, for obvious reasons, I feel I have been living here and I only go home to brush my teeth, shower and sleep.  This is easy for me because of the love of our community.

A BIG THANK YOU OUT TO THE AMAZING SV COMMUNITY!  I do not want to forget about anyone on this post, so remind me if I do.  Michaela and I are awe struck by the overwhelming show of support, faith, hope and love.  We definitely feel the love through all the support these past few months.  This important, speedy and decisive move is a reality because of the Maciels- Raf, Maria, Sabrina, Pablo- especially for the truck loads and painting; Hintons Tedd and Kara for the truck and moving the mats; Bill for raising the ceiling fans- they look FAN-tastic!  Thank you to the Ongs- Jojo and Joy for moving stuff, support and ordering rice; Chaitesipaseuts especially for the awesome gun racks; David for wall to wall breaking down of the old gym- dude, that was a big job! Thank you to our designer and new CrossFitter Adrianna Porter for picking the theme and colors; Larry for moving all manner of stuff and bring all the wires and parts of the computer and having beer with us; Lindsay for moving mats and equipment and giving me some great advice about the set up; Junior and Dana for the trucks and super heavy duty lifting of mats and equipment; Ed especially for driving me all over town to and from the boxes and Uhaul AND providing beer and drinks while we were moving and painting; Ces, Chandra Chai-tastic and Monita especially for the painting mopping and new equipment, flyers AND sisterly advice- YOU LADIES ROCK; Tory especially for helping me cut and move the mats and equipment; Joe especially for cleaning up the gym and mopping out the dust;  Greg B for helping out all 4 days of the move!  Thank you Dan for moving the mats and cleaning up the shelves, Neren for the support and painting and especially taking Avery and Lauren to the park, Pat for hang out with us and keeping Dan happy, Suneil for making painting fun.  Sorry James you had to endure paint fumes, but you were a trooper and kept painting-THANK YOU!  Yvonne, thank you especially for helping with the equipment and bring Ethan Magnus over, he is so cool and we are so glad he had fun hanging out with Avery; Brant especially for moving the mats and setting up our computer, Ben for dropping by, spilling paint, hanging out and helping me put up the flag, Amina especially for moving and painting and keeping Vishal in check, Vishal and Vince for bloodying their hands to stain the boxes red; a family friend Tony for breaking down a wall; Mom and Dad for the major faith, love and support and helping out with the kids. 

We want to give a shout out to our new neighbors and landlord Accendo Real Estate- Angella, Wade and Lydia Tai for welcoming us in their beautiful historical building. 

Again, please remind me if I am forgetting someone as I am getting delirious and need to get some much needed rest.  We are not yet finished with the box as the pull up structure is not finished and we need to organize the back room.  CrossFit has help me manage this HUGE chipper WOD of a move and I attribute the endurance and stamina to our fantastic sport.

Till tomorrow, we are going from "gotta move it , move it" to "you better work" theme is going to be fun!  Let's do this!


WOD for Today is "Randy" 75 Power Snatches at #75lbs  

-We will update our account on BTWB today.