Survey action

Thank you all who submitted feedback on our CSV survey.  Kevin did a great job compiling all anonymous answers.  The wheels are turning on the bus containing necessary steps to improve the CSV experience.  From programming to equipment organization, we are enjoying the process overhauling and detailing the box from the chassis all the way to the engine.  We are always open to more feedback especially on some of the changes! Please email


We will keep you updated regarding Saturday's Triple Baby Shower at Bowlmor Lanes.  Both Michaela and Annie are due sooner than expected.  


Today's WOD menu: Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class:

Apéritif: Back Squat 5-5-5+(don't go to failure) @ 65,75,85% of your 0.9 X 1RM (90% 1RM).

  •  Example: if your 1RM is 315, you calculate all your percentages from 90% of that max, or 285 pounds.

Entrée: "Hanz"

For Time: 

  • 1000 m Row 
  • 30 Two Hand Dumbbell Ground To Overheads 45 lbs 
  • 200 m Farmers Walk (Dumbbell) 45 lbs

Post total time.

Log results to your CSV BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD account.