Lance got his OH SQUAT!

Lance had some obstacles he had to overcome this year while improving his athletic skills.  His overhead squat challenge was faced directly during a throwdown.  We applaud him for the perseverence and commitment to improvement.  The CSV crew and I were there to witness Lance hit his squats. The judges and I can attest that they are LEGIT!  Congratulations on breaking through and improving so much over the course of a year. The path looks bright and the force is strong in this young Padawan.  It is about the flexibility and heart (ATTITUDE and MUSCLE)!


Today's WOD menu: Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class:

Apéritif: Overhead Squat 5/4-4/3-3/2 (5-10-15 second PAUSE at bottom)

  • 5 reps PAUSE at BOTTOM 5 seconds 4 more reps
  • 4 reps PAUSE at BOTTOM 10 Seconds 3 more reps
  • 3 reps PAUSE at BOTTOM 15 Seconds 2 more reps

Post loads.

Entrée: "Graf Zeppelin"

3 rounds for time of:

  • 5 Snatches 135 lbs
  • 10 Pull-up (weighted)s 45 lbs
  • 5 Snatches 135 lbs
  • 10 Ring Dip (weighted)s 45 lbs

Post total time.

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