New beginning

The end of this year's open marks the beginning of a new chapter in our box.  I look forward to training with everyone this next year.  As the games season continues, we look to enjoy the NorCal Regionals and the 2012 CrossFit Games.  As your coaches, we are impressed by the support and drive of our wonderful community. Growing with you all is an immense blessing and we thank God for every moment we spend in and out of the box.  
Create in your mind where you want to be next year.  Visualize success whether it is physical, financial, spousal, parental or emotional.  Decide whole wholeheartedly to get there because with commitment, there is nothing that will stop you from reaching your goals.  Have faith in your abilities and continue to enjoy the process no matter the obstacles. 
We got grit.  We are in this together, making ourselves better.
***To help build our program and to create a center of excellence- please participate in a survey programmed by SV athlete Kevin Latham***
Hey all! It was awesome to see everyone tonight. Here is the survey Thanks again for your insight (esp on the text input question at the end). 3...2...1... Go


Today's WOD menu: Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class:  

Apéritif: Overhead Squat 5/4-4/3-3/2 (5-10-15 second PAUSE at bottom)

  • 5 reps PAUSE at BOTTOM 5 seconds 4 more reps
  • 4 reps PAUSE at BOTTOM 10 Seconds 3 more reps
  • 3 reps PAUSE at BOTTOM 15 Seconds 2 more reps

Post loads.

Entrée: "Laureato"

3 rounds for time of:

  • 200 m Run
  • 15 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls 95 lbs
  • 15 Hang Power Cleans 95 lbs
  • 200 m Run
  • 20 Kettlebell Swings
  • 1.5 pood 20 Wall Balls 20 lbs

Post total time.

Log results to your CSV BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD account.