CrossFit Specialty Trainer Courses and 2fer Tuesday!

We are proud to host upcoming CrossFit Specialty Trainer Courses- Rowing (January 21st) and Kettlebell (February 11-12)

Register if you are inclined to improving technique in ROWING or KETTLEBELL or please spread the word as we would like to fill the remaining spots.


We are also taking this opportunity within this post acknowledge Joy and Jojo Ong for being so hospitable.  We thank them greatly for opening their doors and hearts to some of the best CSV get togethers and parties at their beautiful home in Fremont.  Yay to the 3 (P)s- pood, prends and partays! 


Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class.

pWOD: Muscle Up Workshop

svWOD1:  "Salt"

Against a 12 min. time limit:

Run 800 Meters

Muscle Ups X 10

Max Rep Squat Snatch #135

Post total reps.


svWOD2: "Ball"

3 Rounds

  • 3 Minutes per round with a 1 Minute rest between rounds
  • Row 500 Meters 
  • As many repetitions of WALL BALL as possible within the 3 minute round

Post total reps.

Post total reps for each WOD to BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD