Row 2K..... Test your mental fortitude

My goat or weakness is without a doubt- rowing.  If rowing is a weakness for you as well, I urge you to attend the  CrossFit Rowing Trainer Course tomorrow.  You should attend to learn first hand from the premier rowing instructor SHANE FARMER (rowing guru).

Shane graduated from the University of San Diego and was named ALL WIRA ATHLETE- Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association.  His love for the sport sport of fitness (CROSSFIT) is evident in his passionate coaching of it. This led him to start the Invictus Rowing Club so that he may spread the knowledge he has gained on rowing technique and strategy through years of experience in the training room and competition. 

Oh, and regarding 2k Row and mental fortitude-

Check out this great post from Shane:


There will be NO CLASSES this SATURDAY the 21st.  We will be hosting the CrossFit Rowing Trainer Course.  There are still slots left so you may still register.

Please head down to MORGAN HILL to attend the BRETHREN Grand Reopening.  Just a 20 minute drive down to support our very own Jeff, Dan, Nicole and Colleen.  THROWDOWN!  


Today's WOD menu: Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class:  

Apéritif: Reverse Hyper 10-10-10

Le plat du jour: Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

Entrée: Row 2000M

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