Low Back and Hip Pain Relief

My cousin Oscar Gonzales is the owner of the San Jose Egoscue pain relief clinic.  We graduated college together under the same Kinesiology program.  It may be good thing I can't remember all that we did in college. It was tons of fun in the city. We both started as Globogym trainers doing Freemotion wood chops then branched off into our current careers that saved us.  He is very passionate in what he does and is helping folks from pro golfers to pro grandparents by keeping them pain free.  Much love to this cool guy!


WOD from www.lalannefitness.com:

"Jack LaLanne"
For time:
1,000 Pull-Ups
1,000 Push-Ups
4 person teams.
(Jack did this solo in 1 hour 22 minutes)

Please record your time via BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD.

Remember the fitness icon-  Thank you Jack LaLanne