In addition to the workout of the day (WOD), we coach the 30-minute BOOST, Olympic Weightlifting, Muay Thai STRIKING, and CrossFit Kids.

You may choose a membership limited to one specialty or choose FULL ACCESS for all classes including the WOD except for CrossFit Kids.

Each person will need to experiment to determine what "enough" means. Experienced athletes with specific competition goals might need additional work to improve their fitness, while beginners might need to reduce the volume of the WOD to optimize results. The exact amount of work can be determined with the assistance of an expert coach at CrossFit Silicon Valley. The demands of sport and active living will affect what you can do in each WOD, and you will need to balance your work/rest cycles to allow for recovery. In general, if you only do each day's WOD, you will find yourself at an improved level of fitness.

Boost is a 30-minute full body routine with a combination of cardio, strength, flexibility, core, and functional & athletic movement patterns. It is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout.

5:30 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday

STRIKING is a Muay Thai cardio based metabolic training class. Traditional Thai style boxing techniques and training. Accuracy, agility, and coordination along with stamina is a priority.

Gloves/Hand Wraps/Shin Guards: required equipment

6:30-7:30 PM Monday Wednesday Friday

BUILD is an Olympic Weightlifting focused class developing the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk taught by CrossFit Weightlifting certified coaches. Accessory exercises for strength, speed, and power development are emphasized.

6:30-7:30 PM Thursday


CROSSFIT KIDS is for youth ages 8-14 meeting 3 x per week working on basic gymnastics and light weightlifting meant to develop all ten skills of general physical preparedness.

CFSV is one of two CrossFit Kids Registered Programs in San Jose. As a CrossFit Kids Registered Program your kids’ trainers are required to pass and maintain an annual background check, have taken the CrossFit Kids Course, and the affiliate enrolled in additional insurance.

We have taken steps to ensure the safety and best possible instruction for your children.

3:45-4:30 PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday

1 year FULL ACCESS CFSV Membership with access to all specialty classes plus FREE fundamentals training.