Morgan Ross

Morgan Ross

Gymnastics Coach


About Coach

Grew up in Reno, Nevada where Morgan started training as a gymnast at the age of 5. She earned an NCAA gymnastics scholarship to the University of Alaska Anchorage where she spent four years competing as a D1 athlete while earning my BS in Environmental Science and a BA in Spanish. After college, she spent three years coaching the University of Maryland women’s gymnastics team and working as a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach while completing her masters in Biological Oceanography. After graduating, she moved to Connecticut to coach the Yale women’s gymnastics team, but now she’s finally back on the west coast (hopefully for good!) to coach the SJSU women’s gymnastics team. Beyond her experience as a D1 athlete and coach, she has training in both traditional lifting and powerlifting. She started Crossfit in the summer of 2021 and trained and coached at PG Crossfit in Maryland, and Crossfit True in Connecticut.

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