Kicking off the summer season by paying our respects to those who gave their all and participating in the “Murph” challenge, I was so very happy to so many of our community participating.

Judd, Michaela and I are always talking about our community, and how we can focus on building a strong, thriving community. I fully believe that it’s organic. It starts from the moment a member(new or long time) walks through the front door. It’s greeting you by name and having a conversation. A simple gesture goes a long way. That greeting could mean the world to someone that’s had a terrible day, or going through some personal challenge. Think about the days you’ve struggled and how a simple act of kindness or acknowledgement helped you get through it.

Our community will continue to grow, evolve and change throughout the days, weeks, months and years. Be open to being a part of that process. Think of ways you can help foster the sense of community within our box, but more life. We appreciate each and everyone of you and look forward to continually building a vibrant, thriving, caring, supportive CrossFit Silicon Valley community.

Mahalo and a hui hou


Murph 2.jpg