"imi ola"- To Seek Life


“imi ola” in Hawaiian means “To Seek Life”.

This morning I took a moment just to reflect on the journey leading up to our pending “grand opening”.

The 4 months of working out at the pop up location showed me how resilient, how dedicated, and how patient our community is.

My journey to CrossFit is not much different than most of you. I was seeking something that could challenge me and push me to uncover the best version of myself. Take a moment to think about what really brought you to CrossFit.

Often times Judd, Michaela and I are looking at the box and how we can make it better, how can we improve our communities experience, and more importantly how do we grow our community. I sit here this morning and think about what made me come back after my first WOD. It was the people in the 6am class. The first person I met was Abraham, and he pushed and encouraged me from that first 6am class and continues to do so. Although our 6am breakfast club group is different and growing again I still fondly remember that first 6am class.

Take a moment to think about our day to day actions. Are you just going through the motions? Can you honestly say you’re striving to build the better version of yourself…mentally, emotionally, and physically? Can you change your lens and become “Imi ola”? We believe you can.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Coach Ron