808 West UPDATE!


Hi CFSV Community!

As 2019 is off and running we wanted to provide some news and updates.

First and foremost, we want to acknowledge our entire CFSV family and friends. Your support and loyalty continue to be the cornerstone of our community. We appreciate and encourage the open dialogue. As much as we’d like to continuously keep posting news about the opening of the 808 location, there hasn’t been much movement until recently.

We recently completed our first walk-through with the General Contractors this past Thursday. This walk-through was a real key step in getting us into the space. We confirmed the placement of power and lighting, as well as coordinating of duct work to allow for the Rogue Infinity Rig.

While this is all good news, the current schedule and timeline are as follows:

  • Finalize electrical, data, and internet connections – 2 weeks.

  • Design and implement acoustic abatement for tenants and businesses above the box – 1 week.

  • HVAC and duct routing – 2 weeks.

  • Installation of safety lightings/general lighting 1 week (dependent on supplier delivery).

  • Install drywall/tape out/paint 1 week.

  • Flooring – New 50ft rolls of gym flooring has been ordered and awaiting shipment.

The General Contractor feels these are very conservative timelines and the work can progress faster and concurrently with all the other items on our punch list. This puts us mid-February. However, the City of San Jose Fire and Safety inspection is currently being scheduled for 6 weeks out. This puts us at the 1st week of March. The General Contractor has assured us that they are trying to leverage some personal relationships to cut this time down as much as possible. As we get updates, we will pass them along.

Additional news:


What is it? SugarWOD mobile app is for CrossFitters. we can give and receive support from their box-mates, while tracking their own progress. This app is supported in iOS and Android, as well as PC platforms. We were looking for a tool that was provide a way to build community organically and intuitively. SugarWOD can do that and more. Aside from tracking your own progress, you can provide support and encouragement from a single click. Enter workouts/WODS…a snap. Coaches can track, program and provide support to individuals directly or the community as a whole. We spent a lot of time researching the different options available and we confident that SugarWOD was the right choice. If you have specific questions about this move, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

New website/new colors…

Same heart, stronger community…new branding. https://www.crossfitsv.com/

New classes and schedule…

Work in progress and we’re looking to add additional offerings (stay tuned).

CFSV – Pop Up – Hours continue to be as follows: 9AM-12PM/4:30-7:30 M-F. 9am-11AM Saturday. If you haven’t stopped by…fix that…come say hi..get a WOD in.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you all at the 808 soon!

Judd, Michaela, Ron