Typhoon Haiyan Aid Throwdown 411

Hey SV!

Q & A

When do I pay ?
You can pay Vishal, Leanne, Neren or Amina when you see us at the box. you have until Saturday to pay. but please make sure you let me know by Friday if your name is not on the list, we need to prep the food boxes 

Can i just be there without competing?
Absolutely, you can hangout and have fun. Donations are appreciated. 

Can I order a lunch box and not compete?
Absolutely, please let me know before Friday to make sure we have enough food

Can I invite my friends?
Sure! please let me know if we need to prep a lunch box for them, or they just gonna come and hangout 

Can I donate anything else, other than money?
Yes! you can donate Wine, Beer, Coconut Water which will be sold at the box that day. you can also donate Time!, we might need help Saturday - thank you

Do I have to be there at 10am, that is way too early for me?
You can show up anytime during the day .. all we need to know is how many people we need to prep lunch boxes for. You dont have to order food, we just dont want to miss anyone who wants to. so please let us know. 

What's on the menu?
Some really good food. Neren is cooking some of it .. dont miss out !!

Thank you so much !!!!!