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We are very excited to host Jon North on Sunday, August 12.  Jeff and I want to break our #200lb barrier on the SNATCH and #300 on our C & J!
Latest Jon North Oly Seminar FACEBOOK BUZZ!....  JON NORTH IS.... cool ;)
"Hello all Attitude Nation Soldiers in California!!! We have a seminar coming up on August 12 at CrossFit Silicon Valley in San Jose. For anyone that missed us last time we were in California, this will be a great opportunity to slam some bars with us, drink coffee, and get some PR's!!! CrossFit Silicon Valley is taking registrations at at the link below. Contact us or them to sign up, ask questions, or find out more information."
"Thank you Jon North, and Jon NorthAttitude and all of Attitude Nation for coming to CrossFit Providence today, slamming bars, setting PR's, and being just a plain old cool dude that everybody should be routing for to compete at Rio 2016."
"Jon, Thank you for coming to Crossfit Providence on Saturday. It was a real great time slamming bars and lifting weights with you and Jessica. I was so excited to meet you and have the opportunity to learn from you. I PR both my snatch and clean & jerk. I hope you come back to Providence soon. Thanks for the great coaching." 


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