Praise for the WLCWW

Thank you CrossFit LA  for starting the WLCWW (not to be confused with Whole30) and giving us the opportunity to see amazing results!  Like your student Kelly P., we want to witness similar success stories.

CSV- here is her testimony:

"This experience changed my life, to a life that I wanted to live and one that I’m now proud of.

Before the challenge I felt confident, excited by the potential and extremely motivated to be taking control of my diet and without knowing it, my life. At the same time, I felt overwhelmed by the daunting task at hand; all of the planning, attention to detail and accountability.

During the challenge, big picture, I’d take it week by week; the planning of eating and workouts, all of the food shopping, the cooking, etc. But the heart of the challenge really lived at some moments, in the minute to minute; the struggle to not give in to behaviors and what was comfortable, to get past every craving and realize you’re really in control of all of these decisions. After a few times of holding myself accountable and not giving in as I had in the past, I started to really understand how easy it all really can be.

After the challenge I probably felt what most others did; empowered, mentally and physically stronger. I felt more connected and in control of my diet, my work, my emotions, my relationships with others. I was playing a better role in all of the important aspects of my life.

Physically I leaned out quite a bit, especially in my abdominals.I felt like I had more energy, my head seemed “clearer” (I’ve tried to explain this to other and this is the best I can do) and I slept like a rock every night.

I expected (and at the time was only focused on) all of the physical results. But I also gained a lot of confidence at the end of the challenge. This didn’t come from the change in my physical appearance but the control I had taken over my diet, which was an area I’d always struggled with and lost to. It also came from the improvement in my workouts and the way I was able to push myself more.

My best friend recently revealed to me that she had been inspired by the lifestyle change I had made. She began to mimic some of my behaviors: making exercise a priority, eating healthy, planning meals ahead, cutting back on alcohol and she has lost 20 pounds over the past 5 months.

Again, the WLC changed my life.  With my diet, I used to focus on calories and the not the quality of the calorie. I ate Lean Cuisines and filled up on Diet Cokes. I never considered ingredients; reading a food label past the nutrition facts panel was foreign to me (and I learned that sugar and soy are in almost EVERY processed food). I rarely gave consideration to the quality of the food, how it was grown, how it was prepared, etc. It opened my eyes, made me more aware and connected to everything I put in my mouth. When I go the to grocery store, my cart is now filled with whole, fresh foods, every time.

I now revel in the strength that my body has and continues to build instead of criticizing all of the parts I want to change. I now incorporate 20 minutes of stretching EVERY day and can’t imagine what life was like before. And I always keep a full water bottle at my desk."

-Kelly P. from CrossFit LA


Le Plat Principal: Isa-Grace

For Time: 

  • 30 Power Snatches 135 lbs 
  • 30 power Clean and Jerks 135 lbs

Post total time.

Log results to your CSV BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD account.

-Somsay getting yoked! Thank you buddy for fabricating some fine pieces of equipment.