CSV is in.  Kill! Kill! Kill those WODs!  Like the "Avengers"- WE ARE PUTTING A TEAM TOGETHER!  Also, we are hosting a few of the events.


What is WODMOBS?
Are you a Crossfitter looking to compete in a friendly, fun, and supportive environment?  Whether you are a seasoned, elite athlete, or new to the sport, WODMOBS is for you.  With 5 different divisions to choose from, WODMOBS has made competition accessible for all ability levels.  

WODMOBS is a 10 week league.  The first 6 weeks are a round robin competition, where you will compete at 6 different host gyms in the area; and a 4 week Do or Die elimination tournament, to find the WODMOBS champions!

How does it work?
Every Thursday for the first 6 weeks of competition, each competitor/team will meet to complete their workout at a different one of the host gyms, and will face off with 9 other competitors (5 other teams). Scores will be entered and competitors will be ranked weekly. After 6 weeks, each athlete/team will have competed head-to-head with everyone in the league.

The final four weeks will consist of an elimination tournament between the top 48 individuals from each division and the top 24 teams from the teams division. Each week, there will be more eliminations, and more intense competition. The final WODMOBS championship will take place between the top 8 individuals and the top 4 teams!