Weekend Update

Leanne tests out the newly assembled Schwinn Airdyne. We are just getting the hang of the metering screen.  I am the typical dude who just skims through the instruction manual.  Well at least I did not just toss it over my shoulder.  Have no fear as I made sure to at the pictures while putting the thing together.  It did not fall apart as Steven Tapia tested it out for the first time.  So for now, just count the arm revolutions (See whats for "Dessert"). 




Today's WOD menu: Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class:

Apéritif: 4 X 250M Row

  • Max effort sprints
  • Full recovery between attempts.

Post split time.

Entrée: AMRAP 400M Run

  • For 20 minutes: 
  • Run 400 meters 
  • Rest precisely the time of the previous run.

Post rounds completed and the total distance covered.

Post total time.

Dessert: Max Airdyne Test

Max Airdyne handlebar revolutions in 1 minute.

Post reps.

Log results to your CSV BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD account.