The Kettlebell Trainer Course was fantastic thanks to the fine coaching of Greg Amundson.  He drove home the course fundamentals with so much fluidity.  We look forward to taking this training to higher levels.  With this course as a rock solid foundation in kettlebell training, we hope to transfer our knowledge to all things fitness.  If we as athletes master for example the kettlebell thruster, imagine how easy a normal bar thruster would be!

We met some really cool and interesting people over the weekend. Two of the attendees happened to be ex MARLBORO MAN models!  They own a gym in Texas and made the trek to Northern Cali for the cert. The are pretty darn fit and ironically have good cardio.


Today's WOD menu: Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class.   

Plats du jour: Turkish Get Up 3-3-3 (Each Arm)

Entree: "Kettlebell Fran"


  • Dbl KB Thruster #3pd (2 #24kg Kettlebell)
  • Pull Ups

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