Hey Jojo, your snatch is pretty.

-The NorCal 40s 2012-

BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO TJ's Gym for an event supremely executed. 

It was a beautiful setting in Richmond amidst tranquil waters next to the San Francisco Bay.  Thunderous vibe from the sport of fitness caused tidal waves across the Bay. Many affiliates not just from the NorCal area came to battle.

Out of 80 or so Men- Jojo Finished 10th on the SNATCH, 7th on the TRIPLET, 21st on the BENCH PRESS, 3rd on the ROPE CLIMB, 16th on the BURPEE AMRAP, 22nd on the ROW, and 47th on the RUN. This gave our Jojo man an overall 14th place finish!

Jojo trained hard and well despite the occasional wine parties and buffet cheat nights.  He did absolutely phenomenal and definitely hung in there with the best.  He had a solid gameplan and strong mindset to finish strong.  It was such a close finish with the top tier competitors.  The WODs were very well programmed and helps us pinpoint some of Jojo weakness that we will definitely work on for next year.

Congratulations Jojo on a job well done in a field where arguably the worlds fittest 40 somethings battled it out.  CSV is super proud of you son!


Today's WOD menu: Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class:  

Apéritif: 2 Minute Amrap- Rope Climb

Entrée: "Selene"

5 rounds with a #135/95 barbell

  • Max reps power cleans in 1 minute followed by:
  • Max reps shoulder to overhead in 1 minute
  • Rest 2 Minutes between rounds

Post total reps each round

Dessert: Max Load Front Squat 20 reps

Log results to your CSV BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD account.