One can of whoop ass please

At the CrossFit Silicon Valley drive thru window John Bahr orders an extra can of whoop ass!  

Ever since he shaved his superstar mustache, his game increased tenfold.  He also attributes much of his success from CrossFitting for awhile.

John travels 15 miles to get some.  He lives in Cupertino and takes the 85 South fwy to the 87 North then exits Curtner.  There are many routes to the SV Box and I hope everyone finds the most efficient way in San Jose.  

Michaela and I live in Campbell.  I usually take 880N to 280S then exit 7th street.  During heavy morning traffic we take the in roads- Hamilton East then right on Lincoln, then left on Curtner, then left on Monterey past "The Plant".

More suggestions are welcomed in the comment section.

WOD: Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class.

Row 2000M for time

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