We are so impressed and humbled by our levels of improvement lately.  We are proud of many for the 110% effort and dedication.  You are strong partly because you take the time to test yourselves and press TOWARD the limit.  The very chance that we can train the way we do is such a wonderful gift. The weekly personal improvements has been de rigueur at our little box that could.  Every tiny step forward is a huge success and we have been blessed with many as witnessed on the BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD posts.

I humbly suggest we know and understand how we came to our previous records. With sound technique we should be more than content with the tiniest of improvements.  It is your consistency with good mechanics that will pay off in the end.  It is easy to get caught up in trying to best another CSV athlete when the real competition is with ourselves. 

I am shopping around for a PERSONAL RECORD BELL or PR VUVUZELA to celebrate and bring more attention to one's individual improvement.  Please give me some suggestions if you can think of a better celebratory tool.

Who knows where you will end up when you collect so many personal bests no matter the breadth.  In the end we weigh the risks and reward especially when we are near the edge of our physical capacity. We take pride in coaching the improved ability to move large loads under high duress.  My reward is daily chance to better myself and others, the gift of health, the abilities to train and train with the best gosh dang people in my whole wide world. BRING ON THE SIDE AND THE OBVIOUS BENEFITS!

The SV box and the members are looking ultra fantastic! HAVE A GLORIOUS WEEKEND!  

  • Remember, please be on time to classes, especially in the evening so you can get a proper Mobility warmup.
  • It helps us tremendously when you continue to SIGN-IN to class.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOJO! Don't drink and drive- Fremont is rather far! 
  • Bring more new and unwrapped toys to fill the TOYS for TOTS boxes.
  • Easy on the cake, I know you love cake. 


Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class.

pWOD:  Shoulder Press 5-5-5

svWOD: "Xena"

Three rounds of:

  • 3 Minutes Burpee

  • 2 Minutes Toes-to-bar

  • 1 Minute Alternating Leg Pistols

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds.

Post total reps to BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD