Happy New Year! See you tonight at the holiday party


No Classes Friday-Sunday, Please enjoy the New Year Holiday as we take a break to be with our family.

CrossFit Rowing Trainer Course is Scheduled January 21st!  Please register if you are interested in taking the ultimate monostructural element to the next level.


What an amazing year we had.  We reflect upon the joy of making the new friends, moving into the new box and especially hitting all the personal bests.  It is our desire and ultimate passion to help people get better. I truly believe we all are better than the person we used to be 365 days ago.  Just yesterday I saw at least 10 Clean and Jerk personal records!  Now that shoots me over the moon!  

Watch out 2012- our very own Michaela, Avery, Ken, Beth, Maria, Raf, Leanne, Chris, Ben S, Neren, Kevin A, Reneé, Rene, Larry, Tony, Neal, Bill, Jake, Jeff, Cindy, Kevin, Jess, Jennifer, Julio, Jakob, Jared, Antonio, Lance, Jeff, Travis, Joe, Angel, Kara, Vikas, Rohit, Vishal, Amina, Vincent, Richard, Ben X, Stanley, Pat, Monita, Monica, Ces, Jojo, Joy, Nicole, Steve A, Steve P, Somsay, Becky, Niko, Kevin R, Lindsay, Libby, Juan, Mario, Dana, Johnny, Greg R, Greg B, Ed L, Ed J, Mae, Heather, Chai, Kaleo, Angelica, Jeremiah, Charisse B, Tu, Ren, Rebekah, Phu, Antoine, Abel, Sheena, Darrin, Warren, Aaron, Michelle, Aaron R, Mary, Mark, Tory, Chandra, James, Christina, Laura, Kathleen, Zachary, Ronda, Laila, Sam, Jose, Paulina, Colleen, Mike, Cory, Bobby, Devon, Rana, Ramiro, Lea, Jake, Val, Michelle S, Steven T, Joel, Vannessa, Shone, Scott, Ian, Nancy, Jeff L, Bob, James, Aysha, Arlene, John, Kody, Staz, Tina is always improving as their ultimate best is yet to come!


Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class.

pWOD: 12X2 Reverse Hyper

svWOD:  "Goodyear"

For Time:

  • 100 Pull-ups 
  • 100 Overhead Squats 45 lbs
  • 100 Muscle Snatches 45 lbs
  • 65 Bumper Plate Burpees 45 lbs
  • 400 m Run (bumper plate) 45 lbs

-Start muscle snatch from below the knee

-Jump on bumper plate for the burpees

Post total time to BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD