WOD 1 "Krombacher"

3 Person Team against a 10 minute clock.

  • 30 Burpee Squat Clean buy in- then:
  • As many Muscle Up + Toes Through Rings as possible until time runs out.

1 Athlete is assigned to the Burpee Squat Clean 

2 Athletes are assigned to the Muscle Up + Toes Through Rings.

Once Athlete #1 finishes the 30 reps BSC, Athletes 2 and 3 will finish off the MU + TTR.

Athlete #1 cannot participate in the MU+TTR

RX WEIGHT= #155/105

***SCALED*** #95, Ring Pull Up + Toes Through Rings


WOD 2 "Paulaner"

3 Person team, as many reps as possible in 10 minutes:

  • 300 Double Under buy in.
  • Wall facing handstand Push ups (Forehead to the floor, nose to wall) 

1 athlete working at a time.

***SCALED*** 200 Double Unders, Partial range HSPU (Not necessarily wall facing)

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