Congratulations to the FITTEST in Oktober!

Four WODS in Five hours, BEER, and an incredible FINAL SHOWDOWN! Hasslehoffs doing OHS, high-flying Superheroes on C2B, dirndls and box jumps, getting intimate with the beer-girls-HSPU, a HOT all-female team being a force to reckon with, and a beer mug doing muscle-ups seen first at CrossFit Silicon Valley!

Thank you CrossFit community for your participation, blood, sweat and help in making this event as grand as it was.  The fittest in Oktober earned their glory.  We will post overall standings tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for making OktoberFit the first of many awesome events brought to you by CrossFit Silicon Valley! We hope that you had as much fun as we did! 

Special thanks to our sponsors Paleo Treats: Rations for the DrivenRoman Paradigm Massage San JoseProgenexlululemon athletica Santana Row, ProAnox Systems Inc., Life AsRx, and Sports Basement!! Thanks for your support in making OktoberFit an EPIC event.

Thank you to all the volunteers and judges for your time and effort in preparation, running the event, and welcoming the larger CrossFit community to our home. We could not have done all this without you!

CrossFit Silicon Valley was just a venue for incredible people to come together. We pay much tribute to Coach Glassman and HQ for sparking the revolution. Still today, so many people think dodgeball is the main sport of fitness. We will continue to do our part in sharing Coach's vision. With so many CrossFit Affiliates in the Bay Area, we are still opening many people's eyes in our neck of the woods. There are millions who really need your help! Spread the word and keep the revolution rolling! 

Scores for the RX teams here:


1st PLACE: 550pts

X-treme Athletics Franziska: 4 rounds + 38 reps


2ND PLACE: 509pts

Lifeworx FitnessFranziska: 4 rounds + 62 reps


3RD PLACE: 508pts

CrossFit OneworldFranziska: 4 rounds + 60 reps


Scaled Team Winner:

CrossFit Milpitas Team 5


Today's WOD: Please be sure you are signed-in before attending class.


21-15- and 9 reps, for time of the couplet: 

  • 95 pound Thruster 
  • Pull-ups

Rest exactly 7 Minutes then repeat.

Post total work time to BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD.