OktoberFit WODs 3 and 4

WOD 3 "Team Glashütte"

3 Person Team, as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of the triplet:

  • Chest to Bar Pull Up
  • Lateral Box Jump 24"
  • Kettle Bell Swing 1.5/1 pood

1 Athlete per station all working at the same time.  Rotate to stations and partition reps in any way.

There will be 1 judge per station counting reps.

*** Scaled= Pull Ups, Lateral Box Jumps 20", Kettlebell Swing 16kg/12kg ***


WOD 4 "Spaten"

3 Person Team Against a 10 Minute clock

  • ROW 1500M
  • Max rep 135/95 Overhead squat 

In relay format, each member must row 500M.  When athletes finish their 500M portion, he/she may commence the OVERHEAD SQUATS.  1 barbell set up is shared. 2 athletes may work at once during the OHS.

There will be 2 bar set ups- 1 at #135 for men and the other at #95 for women.

*** Scaled= #95/65 OHS ***


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