Beef... It's What's for Dinner

Don’t let your nutrition lapse now that the Summer Challenge is over! We are
putting together an order for top-notch grassfed beef sourced directly from a local
ranch in Sunol. Think group buying power to purchase our meat, which offers quite
attractive pricing compared to grassfed beef at the supermarket.


The beef is Texas Longhorn beef, all grassfed and dry aged for 28 days. It is some
of the best beef you will ever have. Price is $9/lb, and and there are a variety of cuts.
In addition, Pampero Ranch offers organic, free-range chickens. These are fantastic-
tasting birds compared to industrially-raised varieties, and cost $5.50/lb.


The sign up sheet is posted on the event board.


Orchestral video theme song for the Beef commercial- 



Ten rounds for time:

#135 deadlift 15 reps

15 Push ups

Please log your time.