The throwdown was fabmantazmic at LIFEWORX FITNESS! Very organized and the workouts were fun. Another great experience for the SV athletes!  Venturing out and stepping up in local throwdowns is an effective way to raise your game.  The excitement adds to the adrenaline rush akin to a nitrous oxide blast in a circa 90s Honda CRX rice race car (Go Crispy and everyone with your hot rod performances).  This rush with supporters cheering is effective in making personal records happen!  Our A-team finished 3rd overall and we are proud to bring home some cool lookin' trophies.  THANK YOU LIFEWORX for hosting! And thank you for coming out- especially those who came to just "watch" ;)

Baby Avery loves her Grandpa and Michaela and I thanks him for letting us play while taking care of our lil' bugaboo.



Run as far as you can in 5 Minutes.

If you can run more than a mile, CONGRATULATIONS!- you are ELITE level CrossFit mile runner according to Dave Warner's ATHLETIC SKILL LEVEL chart.

Then lunge to the mile finish if you did not hit the mark.

Post 5 minute distance and total time to comments.