2010 Games...

The ultimate proving grounds of the world’s fittest athletes.

July 16-18, 2010 • Carson, CA

The Home Depot Center Sports Complex


**2010 Games Format**

The format for the games has been announced! Check it out here http://games2010.crossfit.com/.

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 Crossfit Games are around the corner and we strongly encourage you to come with us to watch this EPIC EVENT! This is what we do - this our passion - this our sport and July 16-18 are the days we should be there to witness the fitness. 

 Please let us know if you would like to go, so we can arrange the trip down to LA. If we have enough people it might be worth it to rent a van or carpool, so we can all ride together.


LET THE CROSSFIT GAMES 2010 reveal the Fittest Man/Woman/ on the Earth