Challenge Update: Last day for WODKILLING!

CFSV CrossFitter Bronson Collins displays CrossFit Skills.  In this video he displays, coordination, agility, power speed and especially accuracy.  He mentioned to me CrossFit helped him in this sport tremendously.  Muscle memory and efficiency are important factors in both wodkilling and IPSC-

"Accuracy, power, and speed were recognized as the quintessential elements that have become the foundation of IPSC."- From

Great job so far digging deep and challenging yourselves this week. 

"Life is a garden, keep on digging!"- Joe Dirt

Now lets kill the last WOD in this challenge!-


For time-

10 rounds of "Cindy" or 5 Rounds of "Mary", then 20 deadlifts #275/185

Cindy= 5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, 15 Squats. 

Mary= 5 Handstand push ups, 10 Single leg squats, 15 Pull ups

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