"Isabel" and "Nancy"

Halfway through the challenge after today! 

Joel hit Grace and a 500M Row yesterday and finished fast.  He is determined to take this competition!

I will be collecting $20 Fees and measuring after classes.  If I do not get to you today, do not worry.  You will have until Saturday for the before pictures.


Today's benchmarks:


30 Barbell Snatch for time #135/95


5 RFT of: 400M Run/ 15 Overhead Squats #95/65

Post time to comments and on "Beyond the Whiteboard".


The 10 benchmarks are as follows-


500M Row
2000M Row


400M Run "Nancy" 5 RFT of: 400M Run/ 15 Overhead Squats #95/65

Filthy 50


10 Rds of Cindy or 5 Rds Mary- Then 20 Deadlifts #275/185
Body Fat Reduction Testing X 2