CFSV Summer Challenge

CrossFit Silicon Valley Summer Challenge 2010

This challenge will consist of a variety of exercises that will test CrossFitness and overall sexiness.  There will be an initial round (benchmark round) as well as a final round.  The duration of the challenge will be 8 weeks, beginning July 26 and ending September 11.  Everyone must complete all of their exercises for the benchmark round the week of July 26 through July 31. Yes, thats right- you have 5 days to complete 10 benchmarks.  Final rounds must be completed September 13 through September 18.  Rounds can be done individually, in small groups or in one large group.  This is to be determined later.  The 10 benchmarks are as follows:


500M Row
2000M Row


400M Run "Nancy" 5 RFT of: 400M Run/ 15 Overhead Squats #95/65

Filthy 50


Benchmark 9 TBD
Body Fat Reduction Testing X 2


The Rules and Scoring

  • For each exercise your score will be the % time improvement calculated by the following equation:

[[Initial time (sec) – Final time (sec)] / Initial time (sec)] x 100

  • Total score will be the sum of the % time improvements for each exercise + bonus points.
  • In order to encourage max effort in the benchmark rounds a bonus system will be in place.  There will be a bonus of 1.5% for 1st place time, 1% for second place and 0.75% for third place time finishes for each sex for each exercise.  In other words six people will receive some sort of bonus score for each exercise.  This score will be added to your total at the end.
  • Scaling is allowed.  The scaling used in the final round must match any scaling you did in the benchmarking round.  We will use the honor system to determine which type of scaling to use.  In other words, if you can do unassisted pull-ups currently, you should not be using a black band during the completion.
  • If your final round time for any exercise is larger than the initial round you will be shot on site…ok ok maybe not so harsh, but the penalty will be a deduction in the % difference from your overall score.
  • Diet will be a key factor in this challenge.  For this reason a body fat reduction element will be in place.  Your total body fat loss X 2 will be added to your total score.  So the more BF you drop, the higher your overall scores.


Even with his amazing results, James can still improve on his overall sexiness!

A new hairstyle on his before and after pictures may do the trick.  Shaving time off "Grace" and hair off head will grant major points!

Today's WOD:

Deadlift 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Post total load (add up all six barbell loads) to comments.