Dean Bronnenberg: Master's Heat #5 on

Friday @ CrossFit Ethos 2:20PM and 5PM

Saturday @ U.C. Irvine 9:40AM


Super Visgoths (CFSV A-Team): Heat 2 on

Saturday @ U.C. Irvine 8:20AM and 2PM

Sunday @ U.C. Irvine 8:30AM


Schedule Of Events and Important Consideration

Most importantly: If you don't have an event wrist band you'll be directed to registration. No one without the appropriate wrist band will be allowed in the athletic complex area.

Map link to CrossFit Ethos, 23001 Del Lago Drive
Suite B-2, Laguna Hills, CA

Map link to CrossFit Next Level Performance, 22661 Lambert Street
Lake Forest, CA

Map link to UC Irvine, Crawford Athletic Facility. Detailed map with event times PDF.

Map link to Mesa Parking Structure, UC Irvine (for our event).

Schedule of events Friday 7 May
1000 - Volunteers arrive at CF Ethos
1100 - 1230 - Masters athletes check in at CF Ethos
1130 - Masters' Judges arrive at CF Ethos
1300 - 1500 Masters Workout #1 heats run at CF Ethos
1330 - Volunteers for Registration arrive at both CF NLP and CF Ethos
1400 - 2000 Team Check In at CF Next Level Performance
1400 - 2000 Individual Check In at CF Ethos
1600 - 1800 Masters Workout #2 heats begin at CF Ethos
1800 - 2000 Saturday/Sunday Judges and Lead Volunteers meet at CF Ethos

Saturday 8 May
0600 - Volunteer Check in at Crawford Field, UC Irvine
0630 - Judges check into their work assignments.
0700 - 0800 Remaining unregistered athletes check in on site.
0700 - Begin spectator/guest check in.
0730 - Welcome brief.  National anthem.
0750 - First workout check in begins for Masters (Stadium - this is their last workout), Individuals (Vista Field) and Teams (Crawford Field)
0800 1st Heat begins.Approx. 1025 Masters workouts end.
Approx. 1140 Team and Individual first workout ends
1320 - Second workout check in begins
1330 - Second workout begins for Individuals (Crawford Field) and Teams (Stadium).
Approx. 1630 - Individual workouts end
Approx. 1800 - Team workouts end.

Sunday 9 May
0700 - Volunteer check in
0750 - Team heat check ins begin
0800 - Team workout heats begin
1050 - Individual heat check in begins
1100 - Individual workout heats begin
Approx. 1225 - Team workouts end
Approx. 1530 - Individual Finals end.
Approx. 1630 - Awards / Close

Follow the event in real time with the Southwest Regional live webcast!