Saturday CFSV Tryouts!

Starting Saturday at 8:30AM, CrossFit Silicon Valley and Brethren CrossFit will work together to pick their affiliate teams.  This WOD is specifically designed to help in the decision making process.  I encourage all who feel they can do the WOD to participate regardless if you are trying out or not (no scaling).


2 Min Deadlift 315/165

3 Min Snatch 135/75

10 Min AM(Cl&J Reps)AP 7 X Clean & Jerk w/40m Prowler Push

2 Min Heavy Wall Ball 50/20

3 Min Muscle Ups

5 Min Row for calories (2 Calories = 1 Rep)

Score = total reps


Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for all of those wonderful messages that we have received from you! I can't wait to see you and share this new parent experience with you, I miss you all, and I wish you tomorrow to have fun at the tryouts. I wish I could be there with Avery to support you, but she needs now to get little stronger before we explore the world farther from home. 
Regards to all!!!
Judd, Michaela and Avery