Throwdown! with CFSV

Awesome performances at the CrossFit Eastbay throwdown! Rog, Dan, Muya, Jojo, Mark, Neren, Larry, Cindy and Myesha are now more battle ready than ever.

Everyone did great and got bucu experience points.  We are so proud of you guys.

Rogelio came in 2nd on the first WOD making it to round 2!

Prior to the throwdown, I gave Rogelio a routine fitness assessment, and here is what he had to say:

"After checking my progress with Judd since my starting date of crossfit 9-8-10, it turn out as follows: Lost 15# of FAT.....Gain 5# of Muscle.....I reduced my total Fat from 18.5% down to 8.3ish. Thank You ever so Much!! Judd, Larry, Michaela, Jake, Matt and the entire CROSSFIT STAFF AND MEMBERS for taking my fitness level to a somewhat ELITE status...LOL!!!! CROSSFIT/GOOD COACHING WORKS!!!!!!!"


For time: 

10-8-6-4-2 reps of-

#45/25 Weighted Pull ups

#45/25 Weighted Ring Dips

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