Nicole drove to the box in a Tesla Roadster today and showed off her electric wall ball form.  This pic has some serious electric orange citrus overtones that will increase your vitamin C just by looking at it!

Having the opportunity to ride shotgun in a Tesla Roadster gave me a glimpse into the future of speed.  With exceptional handling promoting cat like reflexes, the car is fast as lightning while quiet and efficient.  If we can move our bodies the way this car moves- fast and efficient, we will kick some serious butt in sectionals!


New England Sectional: "Serious 7"

Each athlete has 7 minutes to get their 7 rep max squat clean. When the athlete says "go" the judge will start the clock, each athlete has 40 seconds to complete their 7 rep max. They can do as many attempts as they want within the 7 minutes, however you only get 40 seconds for the 7 reps from the first pull. Rest and number of attempts is dependent on the athlete.