Thank you!

Thank you team SV athletes for the new gear. We are going to be well equipped for the new decade.  I know we are needing more gear, so I plan on getting new weights and bars in addition to the new kettlebells, balls, tires and ab mats.  2010 is starting off to be an amazing year.

Also, a big thank you to the grill masters- Steve Aragones and Joy Ong! Thanks to Mike for grilling on the charcoal grill - that steak and chicken were great! They devoted half of their day cooking up some great Paleo to offset the rice krispies and cookies.

We look forward to continued growth and success with enhancing human potential!


Run 1 mile
Two minutes of each:
30 pound Dumbbell thrusters
20 pound Medicine ball cleans

Post total time and total reps plus calories (from row) to comments.

The clock runs continuously for the ten minutes after the run.