The First Annual AM/PM Smackdown

Please be at the Box at 10AM for event briefing.

Event 1 will start no later than 10:20AM

Scoring will be based on a point system.


Event 1:

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course will be set up for each individual to attempt. 

Points will be awarded to the team that moves the farthest.

The most points will be awarded to the team whose members actually complete the course.


Event 2:

Deadlift/Wall Ball/Prowler

Teams will pick 1 racer per team each heat to go head to head to the finish line. 

#205/115 Deadlift X 15 reps
#140/50 Prowler push 40 Yds
#20/12 Wall Ball 10' X 15 reps
#140/50 Prowler push 40 Yds

Each win = 5 Points


Event 3:

Variation of Georgia sectional Event #3

In 30 minutes:

* Ground to overhead 1 rep max (clean and jerk, power clean and jerk, or snatch... we don't care, just get it over your head and lock it out).

* Each team gets 1 bar.

* Each team member will have a maximum of 3 attempts at the max.

1 point per 50 lbs rounding up.


Event 4: