Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was tons of CFSV fun!  Weekend Warrior, Warrior Dash and the Halloween party.

The force was with us during the Weekend Warrior Series!  We look forward to doing it again next year!

The CFSV Halloween Bash was from another world!  Part Galaxy far far away, world of Superfriends and insane asylum. 

Bottom Pic- Yes folks, Crispy is doing a keg stand- reminding me of my college nights during midterms and finals.  His hands should have been on the keg and not the ground, but his arms are so long he made the keg look pony size! 


Five rounds for time of:
3 Muscle-up Handstand push-ups
10 Burpee pull-ups

Ideally, the pull-up bar is one foot above your reach. If you cannot do the muscle-up handstand push-ups, do 7 muscle-ups and 12 handstand push-ups each round.

Please log your time.