Hoover Ball

We have been having so much fun with modified Hoover Ball play- I thought it would be nice to post the official rules.



  • Points are scored when a team: fails to catch the return, fails to return the ball across the net, returns the ball out of bounds. 
  • The ball is served from the back line. 
  • The serve is rotated among one team until the game is won. Teams alternate serving after each game. 
  • The ball must be caught on the fly and immediately returned from the point it was caught. There is no running with the ball or passing to teammates. 
  • Each team's court is divided in half. A ball returned from the front half of your court must be returned to the back half of your opponent's court. If the ball doesn't reach the back court, the opponent is awarded the point. 
  • A ball that hits the out-of-bounds line is a good return. 
  • A player who catches the ball out-of-bounds, or is carried out-of-bounds by the force of the ball, may return in-bounds before the return. 
  • A ball that hits the net on its way over is a live ball. (If it was thrown from the front court, it must reach the opponent's back court to be good.) 
  • Teams may substitute at dead ball situations. 
  • Women serve from the mid-court line. 
  • Women may pass once before a return. 
  • Women may return the ball to any area of the opponent's court. 
  • Good sportsmanship is required. Points in dispute are played over.