CrossFit Silicon Valley is the second home to passionate coaches and members. We practice CrossFit -the premier strength and conditioning program for all who endeavor to improve their physical fitness. The invigorating training combines intense, functional and constantly varied movement.  This translates to a serious athletic training program that will prepare you for daily life. From competitive sports to firefighting to playing tag with your kids, we strive to make you better.

Start a remarkable fitness journey here!

CrossFit at the core is simple, safe and effective. The basic foundational movements required to start off are functional and therapeutic. The amazing athleticism seen on ESPN is demonstrated by professional athletes athlete with years of training. The results are worth the time and effort, we don't believe in gimmicky choreographed moves, steady state heart rate zones or unproven training theory. Rather, our methods are proven effective with the backing of phenomenal coaches, amazing community and measured improvements over time

One starts out with an introductory session then proceeds to learn the nine foundation movements through at least 3 one-on-one sessions. We will suggest a sound nutrition program that addresses quality of foods, portions and balanced nutrients. From there, one will attend class and the movements will be scaled to their ability. Even the modified movements are far superior to the many ineffective machine-based movements out there.

It is our care and attention to detail that helps every CFSV member get the most out of the infinitely adaptable programming.  We are not your typical circuit training fit factory. We do not churn members through a conveyor belt of generic movements. Like curating art for a great museum, we pick the finest training modalities so that YOU can be fit faster, live healthier and become a real superhero!

If you know anyone on the fence about trying CrossFit or they are in the wrong fitness program, tell them the chain link marks on their butt are unflattering.

Our needs don’t vary by kind, only by degree.
— Coach Greg Glassman

From the most deconditioned participant to the most elite athlete have the same needs.  We need functionality and movement efficiency.  The difference in degree is where we are reminded CrossFit is designed for general physical preparedness and what do in the gym echoes outside it's walls.  Gains in overall fitness will produce better firefighters, snowboarders, hockey players, dog walkers and grandparents.  In the elite level, we see CrossFit as a sport and augment the training to better suit the needs of the athlete and the unknown and unknowable nature of a CrossFit competition.

At CrossFit Silicon Valley,  we  understand 4 keys to achieve your desired health, wellness and fitness results.

First we must have a clear vision of your ideal self and can be capable of accomplishing. When standing upon the inevitable challenge you will ask- "Where do I sign up" or say- "Ready?- I was born ready!" See yourself as the shining example you want to be as well as being inspired by other champions.

Then we plan our route to success.  A solid strategy with strong foundations not built on sand but on rock will garner success in our journey.  Step by step we will guide you along the way with cutting edge training tools that have a proven track record.  We as coaches constantly challenge ourselves in the fitness field so we may improve those whom we train.  With our experiences and accomplishments from struggles to successes, we are there to coach you.  We are with you all the way to help build an effective strength and conditioning plan and put it into practice.

We must live in the moment and not let what happened yesterday, or the fear of tomorrow affect our ability to kick ass today.  We are emboldened to master movement and request a positive mindset when jumping, cleaning, throwing, rowing, lifting and moving in general.  We live in the moment and build on the positive experiences and learn from mistakes.  We see motor skill as an art form, and the beauty of highly efficient kinematics brings us to happy tears.

Finally, our positive mindset is carried by faith and the belief that we can make a difference in our own live and the lives of others.  Our community believes in their abilities, and we as a proud CrossFit affiliate have a vehicle to empower others and help people reach farther than they have ever imagined.

We proudly work with CrossFit Linchpin/CrossFit Park City coaches to provide our members the best results possible.


  • Commitment - Our staff of expert coaches and programmers are dedicated to providing you the most effective and fun workouts possible.
  • Integrity - The dedication to be honest, ethical, and fair in everything we do.
  • Lead by example - Our team eats, sleeps, lives, and breathes CrossFit. It's not something we do on the side, it is our lifestyle. We will not ask you to do anything we have not done ourselves.
  • Virtuosity - This is a critical component of CrossFit. It means doing the common uncommonly well. It is our daily pursuit.
  • Fun - Believe it or not working hard to achieve your goals can be fun! We pride ourselves on cultivating an environment that you will enjoy being a part of. When you are having a good time it becomes easy to walk through the door the next day and do it again.



Nutrition is yet another extremely important element of the training that goes on both inside and out of the gym.  In fact, many argue that what you eat is 90% of the equation and while the statistic is definitely skewed for effect, we support that your nutrition is extremely important to progress and performance.  At a 30,000’ level we tell our athletes to start with a Zoned Paleo 40/30/30 where all gluten and dairy are completely removed from the diet for the first 30 days.  This is the master reset for your GI and those not used to it will be broken down.  The transition off of simple carbs into fat as a primary fuel source is not an easy one; athletes will become lethargic and feel miserable for the first 2-3 weeks.  This in and of itself is proof enough how addicted our bodies become to the quickly absorbed, but quickly dissipated energy that comes from short carbohydrate chains.  Once the body has moved through this phase, athletes see loss of fat content, improved consistency of energy levels, and proper operations of the GI system.  They are also granted an amazing advantage on their fuel system: fat.  It is at this point that we can increase or decrease good fat sources (i.e. MCTs – Medium Chain Triglycerides) at will.  This allows weight and energy level management at a global level instead of the quick rush / hard crash of a carbohydrate fix.  Once the baseline has been established we allow for reintroduction of specific elements such as raw dairy for those not allergic to lactose, etc. Your body needs constant tracking and adjustments to keep you at your highest output level.  We stand firm behind this fact.